An analysis of the statistics of aggressive driving and road rages

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Unlike the City Safety-equipped Volvos, none of the comparison vehicles had standard front crash prevention. Late chronic whiplash injury. Auto insurers and their new role in whiplash prevention—new rules, new risks, new tests.

Study: Road rage incidents involving guns are increasing

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23 Startling Road Rage Facts and Statistics

By the time they get their driver's license, adolescents have assimilated years of road rage. DC Tracts, 6 1: It is up to you now John!

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Road safety topics covered include speeding, red light running, seat belt use, distracted, drowsy and drunk driving.

How Road Rage Works

March Crossover Analysis of Naturalistic Driving Data. updated data on crash risk using data on crashes from the US DOT in conjunction with data on driving mileage from the AAA Foundation's American Driving Survey. According to U.S. News and World Report, the United States Department of Transportation estimates that two-thirds of fatalities are at least partially caused by road rage/ aggressive driving.

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An analysis of the statistics of aggressive driving and road rages
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